Tim Prodyma, Sensei

Tim Prodyma began his studies of the martial arts in 1977. His first experience was under Andre McWilliams in the Japanese art of Shotokan. In the following year he began studying Shitoh Ryu under Felipe Villarreal sensei. He remained under the tutelage of Villarreal sensei for a total of two years and attained the level of Sankyu.
At this point Prodyma sensei began studying under James R. Gaines sensei. He continues his studies for over 35 years and now holds the rank of Hachidan or 8th degree black belt. While studying under Gaines sensei he opted to travel down the road of Naha Te and therefore Gaines sensei set him as the head of the Naha Te division of Hakutsuru Kai.
In 2015 Gaines sensei decided to break from the relationship between himself and Prodyma sensei. At this point Prodyma sensei formed a new organization by the name of Bushido Kai.