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Shureido USA
This company manufactures many of the old training tools as used on Okinawa such as Nigiri Game, Tetsu Geta & Makiwara.
A multitude of heavyweight gi are carried and can be custom embroidered. Custom Obi are also available.

Review: All items ordered are of high quality. Most of the work is done on Okinaw

Weapons Connection
Peter Carbone was taught how to fabricate traditional Okinawan weapons on the Ryukyu island of Okinawa.
His weapons are hand made of the highest quality materials.

Review: These weapons are made from some of the strongest woods and metals available from around the world.

Eosin Panther
This company was founded in 1974 and carries/makes custom obi..

Review: Great quality obi for any traditional martial artist.

This company has been making custom Gi and Obi since 2003.The company is family owned and locally operated.
It is located in Joliet, IL.

Review: Custom Gi and Obi can be easily ordered from this company.

Asian World of Martial Arts
Retail website for all of you dojo needs. Wholesale dealerships available.

Review: Asian World of Martial Arts is located in Philadelphia, PA and sells good quality martial arts uniforms and equipment.

Century Martial Arts
Retail / /Wholesale website based in Oklahoma.

Review: Century Martial Arts company is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Wholesale dealerships are welcome and good prices can be found in every department.

Karate Depot
Retail Martial Arts Supply

Review: Karate Depot is a website that carries uniforms for all types of martial arts including karate, judo, & jiu jitsu. A multitude of weapons and training gear is also sold.

Takase Studios
Eri Takase, the owner of this webstie, designs and constructs fine Japanese calligraphy.
Eri is an artist and master calligrapher. Custom artwork is available for dojo, scrolls, certificates and even tattoo work.
She works one on one with each customer via email until the artwork is approved by that individual.

Review: All of the artwork done by Eri Takase is beautiful and suitable for framing in the dojo.

Contact Tim Prodyma, sensei 618.339.0749